ASPM Solutions Ltd: Project Management Services

ASPM Solutions Ltd are project management consultants based in Witney, Oxfordshire, providing project management services to help clients deliver their projects on time and within budget whilst maintaining quality standards and compliance. We have a proven experience in delivering business projects in the most challenging environments and timescales.

Expertise and Guidance

We are specialists in project and transformation management and through our expertise and experience we can guide you through every step of the project process from start up to implementation. Our focus is on adding value to our clients at every step. We understand the importance of coaching and mentoring as part of the consultancy process, developing capability within your teams throughout the project lifecycle journey.

Whether you need a consultant to help in structuring a project, management of a new or existing project, some guidance at start up or help recovering a project which has deviated from plan, we are here to help you through the numerous challenges which face project implementations.  We can offer our project management services to companies in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties.

Keeping it all on Track and Visible

Clients can become concerned that their governance is not robust, the project may not be on track to deliver its objectives and benefits. Our project management consultancy services are designed to provide either an introductory light touch or a deep dive when it comes to reviewing and auditing a project helping the client to understand how we can be of maximum benefit to them. It is helpful to have an independent project management consultant 'sense check', someone to challenge methodologies and processes to ensure there is a robust overall plan and approach – the sooner the better.

Flexible Approach and Team Development

As part of the consulting service we will work with your teams and help them to build their own project management skills to enable you to continue to successfully manage and deliver your project.

We focus on the team and customer relationships and will design your project support needs around both whilst also helping to keep the wider business goals in view throughout.

We have a range of different levels of service and support available, we can tailor these to suit your current needs, whether this is ad hoc days or an assignment, we have a very flexible approach.

Providing Visibility and Control, Minimising Uncertainty
Project plan: providing clear road map and scope

Project Plan

Providing clear road map and scope

Project dependencies: understanding complexity and risk


Understanding complexity and risk

Project deadlines: clearly defined milestones


Clearly defined milestones

Project status: knowing exact progress status


Knowing exact progress status

Project targets: clear outcomes and deliverables


Clear outcomes and deliverables

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Project Success Factors

Have you got these basics covered?

Trusting Your Project Manager

Teams and projects are influenced by their leaders and the skills they have. Having a strong Project Leader who is seen as capable by the team is key to the success of the project.

Clear Project Goals

What is the goal of your project? To construct a new building, implement a new system or review processes to deliver cost savings? Objectives and Goals linked to the business strategy are more likely to be successful.

An Exceptional Team

You need a team with the right skills to see the project all the way through from definition to execution. You can have the most talented group of individuals in a team but they may not work well together and you need your ‘A’ team on projects.

Support from Sponsors / Leadership

Lack of support from management can lead to confusion and indecision. In my experience, the most successful project have a credible senior business sponsor. This sponsor will back you and ensure you have access to the resources you need to deliver the project.